Gaïa prize - 2020


Since 1993, the International Museum of Horology has rewarded the creativity, dynamism and distinctiveness of the most talented and innovative watchmaking personalities with the Prix Gaïa. Covering three different fields – Crafts and Creation, History and Research, and Spirit of Enterprise –, the Prix Gaïa aims to encourage innovative watch industry stakeholders to continue developing their unique projects thanks.

This ceremony aims to celebrate three different and essential aspects of horology: creation, research and vision. Right from the start, all nominees have shared a passion for unique and innovative timepieces. In 2020, URWERK CEOs Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei were honoured in the Spirit of Enterprise category for the brand’s futuristic technology-based, modern vision of luxury watchmaking. The Award represents a celebration of the URWERK philosophy and winning it is an amazing achievement.

Since its founding, URWERK has dedicated itself entirely to the renewal of high-end Swiss horology, taking the risk of being different from other industry players. Winning a prize like the Gaïa Award proves that the uniqueness of URWERK concept is understood, appreciated and supported by iconic figures in the watchmaking world. 

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