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The URWERK team would like to thank you for your support throughout 2013.
There have been plenty of surprises, wonderful encounters and great progress
for us this year...

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In 2013

for innovation

URWERK brought inventiveness and audacity to Haute Horlogerie by creating EMC – Electro Mechanical Control. We also made the most of the latest technical breakthroughs by offering new developments for some of our existing models.


We unveiled EMC, a timepiece with a mechanical movement with a built-in tool that both measures the precision of its timing rate and allows the owner to fine-tune the timing. EMC is also URWERK's first in-house manufacture movement.

New Developments

We worked hard on the UR‑210 AlTiN, an alloy composed of aluminium, titanium and nitride. In addition, we launched the UR‑110 in platinum.

In 2013

the world

Our work brought us to exciting places all over the world. We are always thrilled to meet our customers, our partners and people who share our passions, face to face in their own countries. We were honored to be part of many prestigious international events and exhibitions.

Meeting and greeting

This year's exhibitions included Geneva, Milan Design Week, Baselworld, a special event hosted by the Hour Glass in Singapore, Salon QP in London, plus shows in Dubai and Moscow. It's been a very busy year!






Vip Events

In 2013

with others

This year, we tried to open our world and share our stories a little more. We hoped to give you an idea about where URWERK is coming from, and how our watches are born. We also exchanged views and ideas with passionate people like you.

New Communication

URWERK launched a new episode where Martin Frei invites to you to discover “his” URWERK. The photos were taken in Martin's favorite places in his hometown, Zurich. Some of these images were also used in our new magazine advertisements.

Wonderful encounters

The Cottier family paid us a visit to discover the UR-CC1 “King Cobra” because its linear time display was inspired by Louis Cottier’s prototype. After discovering our work in Tokyo, Japanese brand Seiko visited URWERK R&D department in Zurich.

To be

The URWERK team wishes you a very happy New Year. Stay tuned…
we will be back in 2014 with new adventures!

End Credits

Julie Potvin & Lapin Blanc